3 Fun and Creative Ways to Stay Fit When It’s Cold Outside

When it’s cold outside, most physically active people are searching for fun ways to stay fit. Is this true of you? If you’re anything like us, you are starting to go a little stir-crazy from so much time in the house watching Netflix. Thankfully, a host of activities will get you off the couch and […]

Fight Stress with Physiotherapy

“I’m so stressed out about work right now.” “I’ve really been stressing about this relationship.” “With all this stress, sometimes I don’t see how I’m going to get through one more day.” How often do you hear comments like these? Most people routinely discuss the stress in their and others’ lives. Interestingly, stress, a term […]

Start Exercising and Stop Losing Your Keys!

When was the last time you lost your keys (or your phone or some other essential item)? This probably happened to you recently, maybe even mere hours ago! There are few things more frustrating and time consuming than short-term memory loss such as this. We all experience this to an extent, especially as we age. […]

Is Rest the Best Medicine for Your Back Pain?

Does your back pain cause other body parts to scream? Have you ever experienced pain that travels from your back into your thighs and knees? Or, is it common for your back pain to travel north, leaving you with an aching neck and pounding headache? When back pain strikes, our bodies can experience numbing pain […]