Physiotherapy before joint surgery

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We get this question a lot: “Why should I come to physiotherapy if I am going to have surgery anyway?” Or we get people who stated that they “Wasted 3 months of recovery time because they did not get the joint surgery when they should have.” So today we are going to clear up why physiotherapy before joint surgery is … Read More

Slip and fall prevention tips

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As the nation experiences one of the coldest winters in recent history you not only need to worry about staying warm, but also of the injuries that can occur when these temperatures meet moisture on the ground.  Slips and falls during the winter month’s cause hundred of thousands of injuries and deaths each year in Canada and the U.S. While … Read More

My child is not good at sports! What do I do?

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Can seeing a physiotherapist help? Physiotherapists are trained in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and movement disorders, which may include children who have fallen behind their peers athletically. If your child is not good at sports and is falling behind his or her peers due to developmental delays, physical limitations, or injuries, we can likely help to correct them … Read More

Off-season throwing program for baseball players

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  For those who watched the World Series and the Boston Red Sox take their third in the past 10 years, baseball season is over and the attention has focused to another sport. But for others, the end of the baseball season means it is time to start preparing for next season. The question that often gets brought up to … Read More

Home Exercise Programs: Why you should listen to your therapist!

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If you have ever been to a physical therapy session your physiotherapist likely gave you a home exercise program, or HEP. A physiotherapist creates home exercise programs specifically for each individual patient given their specific injuries and limitations. This is to be performed anywhere from 3-7 days per week depending on your condition and limitations. The home exercise program is … Read More

Pain and physiotherapy: The not-so painful truth

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One of the most common fears about attending physiotherapy is that it’s painful. While we’re not going to say you won’t experience some pain, our intention is to not cause pain and do not want you to be in pain. Most often pain is caused when we ask you to stress a painful and/or swollen joint or tissue. Immobilizing or taking pressure … Read More

Staying safe this sledding season

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Winter is in full force. The temperatures are well below freezing and a blanket of white powder has covered the ground, which can only mean one thing if you are a kid: Sledding season has begun!!  But if you have children, this time of year can also present you with new challenges to protecting them. While it is a fun … Read More

TENS and physiotherapy

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What is TENS? TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a category of electrical modalities that we use in physiotherapy to treat pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, weakness, and other neuromuscular disorders. If you have been a patient of physiotherapy before and received TENS then you just may know it as something that feels funny but helps decrease the pain. The … Read More

Piriformis Syndrome: A real pain in your butt!

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It may be there when you first wake up, after a workout, or it can even haunt you as you are sitting at your desk. And it can literally be a pain in the butt! Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which a small muscle, your piriformis, located in your posterior hip irritates the sciatic nerve that runs under it. … Read More

Exercise to feel and look younger!

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  We have yet to find the fountain of youth, creams and pills don’t pass the test of time, makeup doesn’t last, and surgery…. who wants to walk around without facial expressions? But we are finding natural ways to delay the effects of aging that anyone can do and it costs next to nothing. Ready for this breakthrough remedy??……. Exercise! … Read More