TENS and physiotherapy

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What is TENS? TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a category of electrical modalities that we use in physiotherapy to treat pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, weakness, and other neuromuscular disorders. If you have been a patient of physiotherapy before and received TENS then you just may know it as something that feels funny but helps decrease the pain. The … Read More

Piriformis Syndrome: A real pain in your butt!

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It may be there when you first wake up, after a workout, or it can even haunt you as you are sitting at your desk. And it can literally be a pain in the butt! Piriformis syndrome is a condition in which a small muscle, your piriformis, located in your posterior hip irritates the sciatic nerve that runs under it. … Read More

Exercise to feel and look younger!

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  We have yet to find the fountain of youth, creams and pills don’t pass the test of time, makeup doesn’t last, and surgery…. who wants to walk around without facial expressions? But we are finding natural ways to delay the effects of aging that anyone can do and it costs next to nothing. Ready for this breakthrough remedy??……. Exercise! … Read More

Nutrition and Injury Recovery

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As physiotherapists and wellness experts we know the importance of nutrition and injury recovery, but unfortunately most of our patients do not. Your body gets all of its building blocks to rebuild injured parts from what we have stored in our bodies. So when all you are eating is a diet of Big Macs with a large fry and Coke, … Read More

3 Ways to Protect Your ACL This Season

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So you have probably heard of your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and likely even know someone who has torn theirs. We hate to say it’s a common injury, but if you play sports or are around athletes enough it may seem that way. It is the most common torn ligament in the knee and often times requires surgery to fix with … Read More

Balance Exercises: Improving balance at any age

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As we age our muscles weaken, our bones lose their density, and our balance decreases. And when you combine all three of those things happening around the same age you are increasing your risk of serious injuries from falling! But it’s what happens when you fall that is the more serious threat. Broken hips, torn muscles in your shoulders, knee … Read More

Yoga for back pain

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Can yoga help to relieve my lower back pain? As physiotherapists we are often asked if yoga will help with lower back pain. While the answer is not exactly black-and-white, a recent study helps to support our typical advice of “YES!”, yoga can certainly help relieve lower back pain. Yoga has been around almost 4000 years and has many forms. … Read More

5 simple exercises you can do at work

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Looking for exercises you can do at work? “Get out your seat and jump around!” So you may look somewhat foolish if you literally start jumping at your workstation for exercise, but we thought these song lyrics were appropriate because it’s what we wish some of our patients would do to get at least some exercise while at work! But, for … Read More

Rehabilitation following a meniscus tear

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So your doc said you have a meniscus tear? Ouch! And now you are wondering what rehabilitation will be like. This is going to depend on whether or not you had surgery and how bad the tear is. Small meniscus tears are common and can even heal on their own if in the right place, which is the outside one-third … Read More

Hockey Injury Prevention

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  The 2013-2014 NHL hockey season is underway!! Whether or not you are a weekend warrior or a pro hockey player, injuries on the ice can put you on the bench really quickly. Think about it….  you have solid ice, two razor sharp blades on each player, sticks, a puck that can exceed speeds of 160 km/h, hitting and collisions … Read More