Physiotherapy Treats Pain, Depression, Respiratory Problems

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In your opinion, what type of people can physiotherapy benefit? If you’re like most individuals you’ll say, “Those with back pain or chronic pain.” While it is true that physiotherapy is ideal for patients who struggle with various types of pain, this form of therapy can treat a wide variety of patients. Are you a good candidate for physiotherapy? If you deal with physical pain, depression, or respiratory problems, for example, there’s a good chance you are.

3 Conditions Physiotherapy Treats


Many types of pain can be controlled. Sadly, some people struggle for years with crippling pain and only have medications to help them. What these individuals should know is that physiotherapy can quell or, in some cases, eliminate pain – even chronic pain. Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain: What to Expect, reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD, states, “Physical therapy is one of the best choices you can make when you have long-term (chronic) pain. It makes you stronger and helps you move and feel better.”


Did you know that certain physiotherapists specialize in mental healthcare? These professionals help individuals cope with issues like depression. In fact, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy published an article that states, “For one in five mental healthcare physiotherapists, an enormous 70 per cent of their caseload is treating patients with depression.” This article goes on to explain how physiotherapists treat depression: “…mental healthcare physiotherapists can help by treating…physical problems, devising ways to overcome conditions like back and neck pain. They can also help tackle depression itself by developing ways of lifting (the) mood. There is plenty of evidence to suggest physical activity is effective in treating people with mild to moderate depression, thereby reducing the need for medication.”

Respiratory problems

This may come as a surprise, but physiotherapy can treat respiratory problems like lung cancer, pneumonia, asthma, and even cystic fibrosis. What Conditions Can Physiotherapy Treat?, published by Sports Medicine Information, says, “…cystic fibrosis, which is a condition that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system, can be helped by physiotherapy. Often, physiotherapists can perform exercises which help to clear the chest and ease breathing. Physiotherapy can also ease and control pain and improve posture which will usually make it easier to breathe.”

Physiotherapy is by no means limited to treating these 3 conditions. It is an excellent treatment option for dozens more health problems than are listed here. To determine whether or not your particular health issue can be helped by physiotherapy, make an appointment with a physiotherapist. He or she will perform an evaluation and let you know if you are a good candidate for this type of therapy.

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  1. I had no idea that physiotherapists could specialize in mental health care. It’s good to know that physical activity helps fight depression and physiotherapists can help create a plan that will work best for you. Discussing with the physiotherapist your needs may help them create a plan that will best fit your needs.

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