Physiotherapy Helps New Mom Feel like Herself Again

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3a Physiotherapy Helps a New Mom Feel like Herself AgainIt is often said that childbirth is one of the most painful experiences a woman can face. But post-partum recovery can be painful too. Unfortunately, it is rarely talked about.

Long after labour is over, many women struggle with pain in their back, groin, and hips. There are also reports of severe pelvic pain. Aside from physical pain, there is the problem of incontinence, which can be emotionally scarring for a woman. Some of these symptoms are considered normal after childbirth but others might indicate health complications. The good news is that numerous postpartum challenges can be overcome with physiotherapy.

Ultimately, the body of a new mom has gone through quite the transformation. Post pregnancy, she may benefit from physiotherapy to feel like herself again.

Physiotherapy for New Moms

All too often, when women discuss postpartum symptoms with physicians, the troubles are brushed off as “normal”. But new mothers know there is nothing normal about incontinence and consistent back pain. For mothers who believe their pain can be alleviated, physiotherapists are available to help.

Four common reasons women seek physiotherapy include:

  1. Manage fecal and urinary incontinence
  2. Prevent pelvic pain and scar tissue adhesion
  3. Alleviate low back pain
  4. Help returning to daily living activities and prepare for future pregnancy wellness

Thankfully, excellent treatment options exist for these problem areas.

Women’s health is a field of physiotherapy that is not well known. Specialists in this area have a fundamental knowledge of how to help women after they’ve given birth.

New Moms and Physiotherapy

Many new moms are prime candidates for postpartum physiotherapy. When working with a physiotherapist, the professional may, first, conduct a screening that considers the causes of pain and difficulty. Then, a combination of in-house and home exercises may be prescribed to help with body mechanics, mobility, posture, flexibility, and strength.

Postpartum physiotherapy should not be delayed or postponed because the symptoms are considered “normal”. Women who suffer from these symptoms often have to advocate for themselves because their physicians are unaware of physiotherapy for women’s health. Therefore, a good amount of women seek appropriate physiotherapists on their own.

No new mom should put up with incontinence, chronic back pain, pelvic pain or other problems that affect her daily life. This is a special occasion that should not be marred by pain. In finding the right physiotherapist, a new mom can begin feeling like herself again.

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