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What is it about a makeover that is so appealing and entertaining? We’re not just talking about making over one’s face with cosmetics; we are referring to any type of makeover. A house, car, city, or room can be made over. In fact, a person’s entire life and health can receive a makeover!

What Is a Health Makeover?

Do you want to know something interesting? Physiotherapy facilitates “health makeovers,” particularly in the lives of senior citizens. Read the scenarios below to learn exactly what a health makeover might look like for an older adult.

Without physiotherapy, life can be a struggle. 

Meet Mary. Mary is 74 years old. She is surprised at how difficult bending, stooping, and walking have become for her in the past 10 years or so. She gets worn out by just taking a quick trip to the supermarket. Mary has a wonderful husband and family, but chronic pain keeps her from spending quality time with the ones she loves most. Mary knows she needs to make some changes for the sake of her health, but she doesn’t know where or how to start.

Physiotherapy can make life much easier.

Let’s take a look at Mary’s life just one year later. Now 75, she is feeling better than ever. Her secret weapon is physiotherapy. She made an appointment with a physiotherapist about a year ago, and she’s never looked back. After an initial evaluation, her physiotherapist told Mary she was a great candidate for physiotherapy. After a few weeks of following a physiotherapy home program and regularly going to her appointments, Mary began to see a big improvement in her symptoms. Her pain lessened, she had more energy, and she found that day-to-day tasks were easier. As a result of her increased energy and lessened pain, Mary spends much more time with her family. Her health has truly been made over by physiotherapy!

Can you relate to Mary in some ways? If so, physiotherapy may be for you.

Are You Too Old for Physiotherapy?

Participating in a physiotherapy program will likely require you to become more physically active. However, before you say you are too old to exercise, we must let you know that no one is ever too old to become more physically active! Louise McGregor, vice-chair of the Agile professional network for physiotherapists working with older people, says, “When people start to slow down, it’s not necessarily a part of normal ageing. We have to dispel the myth that nothing is reversible, when actually for many people problems of balance and muscle weakness can be addressed even when you’re in your 90s.” McGregor also makes the point that small investments in physical activity can yield enormous results for seniors. Take that into consideration before you disqualify yourself from contacting a physiotherapist.

Does your health need a makeover? If so, contact a physiotherapist near you and make an appointment to discuss your health goals. That’s the first step toward making over your health and life!


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