Phyiotherapist Lorissa Klopak Encourages People to Pursue Physiotherapy

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Lorissa Klopak, Physiotherapist

Starting anything new, whether it is a job, a school, or a physiotherapy program, is never easy. The unknown aspects of these ventures sometimes paralyze people with fear, preventing them from ever taking the first step toward their goals. This fear can be damaging, especially when it keeps individuals from pursuing a treatment like physiotherapy, which can help them heal physically and live a fuller life.

Do You Ever Wonder If Physiotherapy Is For You?

Do you ever wonder if physiotherapy could possibly relieve your back pain, arthritis, stiff neck, or other health problem(s)? Are you hesitant about reaching out to a physiotherapist to ask questions? If so, what you need is a physiotherapist to answers a couple of your questions before you set up an appointment with a local practitioner.

Lorissa Klopak (B.Kin, MPT), a physiotherapist at Elite Sports Injury Assiniboine Physiotherapy Clinic, has total confidence in physiotherapy’s ability to change a person’s life. Read on to find an exclusive interview with her and discover how physiotherapy might be a game-changer for you.

Interview with Physiotherapist Lorissa Klopak

Q) How did you become interested in being a physiotherapist?

A) I first became interested when I was in high school and had a few back injuries. I ended up seeing a physiotherapist for rehabilitation and found it very fascinating. One of my close friends was a physiotherapist and used to practice treatments on me. After working with her I found myself more and more interested and knew this was something that I would enjoy.

Q) Where did you attend school? What did you enjoy most about your education?

A) I attended The College of Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Manitoba. I enjoyed the clinical placements; they provided the best opportunities to learn and apply everything from school.

Q) What do you wish the average person understood about physiotherapy?

A) I wish the average person understood that physiotherapists play an important role in recovery, but also a large role in the prevention of injury and re-injury. People need to recognize that injuries most often stem from altered movement patterns. If these movement patterns are never corrected, there will always be a greater risk of injury or re-injury.

Q) Describe the atmosphere of Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics. Why is Elite a good choice for patients who are new to physiotherapy?

A) Elite Sports Injury is a friendly, team-oriented, high-energy clinic. Elite is a great choice for patients who are new to physiotherapy because we spend a lot of time on education about physiotherapy, a patient’s injuries, and the rehabilitation process. As physiotherapists, we are also extremely lucky that we have well-educated Elite professionals who assist our clients with exercises. This allows us to spend more hands-on time with each patient.

Q) What are 3 physiotherapist-approved self-care tips you can provide readers with?

A) First, foam rolling is a great way to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve the mobility of the fascia, along with many more benefits. My best advice is to foam roll even if you have no injury. Also, get into an exercise routine or participate in physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. This is truly the best medicine. There are numerous benefits beyond the physical ones, so talk to a physiotherapist to discuss a tailored program for you. Another good self-care tip is to take action to reduce the risk of injury. This is best done by visiting a physiotherapist and getting a functional movement assessment. A list of corrective exercises can be developed for you to help prevent injuries. Be proactive and don’t wait until you’re already injured.

Q) What health issue do you wish you had more opportunities to treat? What is your favorite issue to treat?

A) I enjoyed my traumatic brain injury placement at Riverview Hospital. I would have loved to continue to work with this population because it was very rewarding. My favorite issue to treat is any type of knee injury. I love to watch a patient’s reaction when they improve significantly in one treatment.

Q) What 3 fun facts about yourself do you think would interest readers?


1. I ran the Chicago marathon in 2015.

2. I had a drink out of the Stanley Cup.

3. I ziplined one of the longest cables in the world while traveling in Costa Rica!

Q) What would you say to a person who is hesitant to begin a physiotherapy program due to fear of the unknown? Why should they trust a physiotherapist?

A) I’d say “try it (physiotherapy) and then decide.” But first, do your own research, ask people around you whom they recommend, and find a facility and therapist that has a vision/mission like yours. There is never a cookbook recipe for any injury, so don’t give up if you have an unpleasant experience. There are many physiotherapists out there who want you to achieve your goals! You should trust physiotherapists because we have great educations. We are each regulated by our college and are always continuing our education.

Should You Give Physiotherapy a Try?

Will physiotherapy benefit you by reducing your pain or relieving a health problem you suffer with? In physiotherapist Lorissa Klopak’s words, “Try it and then decide.” If you live near Winnipeg, Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic may be the perfect place for you. If you live elsewhere, ask your family, friends, or physician to suggest a physiotherapy clinic.