How Physiotherapy Eases Allergy Symptoms

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Physiotherapy has the amazing ability to benefit a large number of people with a variety of health issues. Believe it or not, physiotherapy can treat allergy symptoms. If you have allergies that don’t seem to respond well to traditional treatments, or if you would like to learn more about a drug-free treatment for allergy symptoms, read on.

Wait…Physiotherapy Treats Allergy Symptoms?

Most people are totally unaware that a physiotherapist can be helpful in getting allergy symptoms under control. When they think of what a physiotherapist can treat, back pain or sports injuries may come to mind. However, a physiotherapist is well able to treat allergy symptoms as well as many other health issues you might not think of, such as TMD, jaw pain, concussion, vertigo, headaches, urinary incontinence, lymphedema, and more.

How Physiotherapy Eases Allergy Symptoms

Physiotherapy eases allergy troubles by treating the symptoms. In the case of allergies, physiotherapy does not treat the underlying cause. However, learning to cope with the symptoms of allergies can be valuable and make a difference in your quality of life.

Sometimes, people who have allergies also have asthma and experience shortness of breath, or simply experience shortness of breath as a result of having allergies. “Relaxation exercises and breathing exercises are an excellent accompaniment to your treatment regimen. Pursed-lip breathing is one breathing exercise you can use. The technique prolongs exhalation and helps empty the lungs completely. This allows the following breath to be deeper,” wrote a contributor to ARC Physical Therapy. A physiotherapist can teach you to perform these relaxation and breathing exercises effectively.

If your allergies are severe, see an allergist or physician. You may need to take an antihistamine to cope with your allergy problems.

3 Tips for Minimizing Allergies

Besides seeking the services of a physical therapist, there are several other ways you can minimize allergies. Here are just a few:

— Limit your time outdoors, especially when it rains or after it has rained. (Rain causes pollen to scatter.)

— Use a neti pot or saltwater nasal spray to keep nasal passages moist and clean.

— If your clothing or bedding has been exposed to allergens, wash them with hot water and hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Get Help for Your Allergy Symptoms Today

Are you suffering from allergies that just won’t quit? Do you prefer a drug-free approach? If so, physiotherapy may be your solution. Reach out to a physiotherapist near you for an evaluation. If you live near Winnipeg, the friendly team at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics would be happy to talk with you about your concerns.

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