Elyse Copp Explains How Massage Therapy Supports a Physiotherapy Program

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Registered Massage Therapist Elyse Copp

There is nothing like a massage to ease the tension in our bodies as well as our minds. Most people revel in the thought of receiving a massage. Patients whose treatment plans include massage therapy usually look forward to this aspect of their recovery more than any other part of their treatment plan.

Is massage therapy something you could get excited about receiving?

Just about everyone loves getting professionally massaged. However, for a lot of people, not just any massage will do. They want to know that they are in good hands and that their massage therapist is highly skilled. Individuals who receive massage therapy deserve to have the very best care.

When choosing a massage therapist, individuals should be picky. At Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics, we believe that potential massage therapy receivers should ask questions about specific massage therapists and the clinics they work for before entrusting themselves to a therapist. This is why we’re introducing you to Elyse Copp, one of our Registered Massage Therapists. Learn more about her and you might just find that she’s a massage therapist worth trusting.

Elyse Copp Explains How Massage Therapy Supports a Physiotherapy Program

Q) How long have you been a massage therapist, and how did you become interested in massage therapy?

A) I have been a massage therapist for 16 years, and I became interested when I was young. I was an athlete from a young age and saw the benefit of therapy for injuries.

Q) How does massage therapy support a physiotherapy program?

A) Massage therapy supports physio in a lot of ways. For example, if the client is dealing with an increase in muscle tone that is creating a dysfunction, the massage therapist can aid in decreasing this. This allows the physio to focus on rehabbing (strengthening the muscle and surrounding tissues). There are also times when the physio client is dealing with a chronic injury and becomes frustrated. At these times, a massage can help both psychologically and physically by allowing the client to feel good, relax, and decrease stress.

Q) What type of patient do you most enjoy working on?

A) I actually love working on kids. They have a great energy that they bring to the job. Most kids I’ve worked on remind me of myself when I was younger since they are, more often than not, athletes themselves.

Q) Please give us an example of a patient whose life has been greatly improved by receiving massage therapy in conjunction with physiotherapy.

A) One example I can think of is a client of mine that recently was diagnosed with MS. In order to keep her functioning at the most optimal level, a team approach has worked well. The physio works with keeping her muscle strength at a level that is attainable for her to continue with acts of daily living. We have found that if her stress levels are up, her muscle function decreases. This is why I, along with a psychotherapist, work to maintain a healthy stress/life balance.

Q) Please give our readers three reasons why they should consider receiving massage therapy.


  1. To maintain the highest level of muscle function. When incorporated into a health and wellness program, regular massage can be a great preventative measure for those not wanting to lose muscle function. If you work with the same therapist for the necessary length of time, that therapist gets to know your body and what changes, whether good or bad, have occurred in the times between appointments.
  2. To manage stress. Stress is one of the main issues in our society. By keeping tabs on stress levels, we are able to function at a more balanced level and decrease some of the symptoms that stress brings out.
  3. For self-care purposes. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone and everything comes before our wellbeing. Sometimes, simply taking an hour out for ourselves makes all the difference in our ability to manage stress.

Q) Why does massage therapy help reduce various types of pain?

A) Massage therapy helps get muscles to their appropriate lengths. As a result, less fatigue and pain is felt in the surrounding tissues and joints, allowing the body to perform optimally.

Q) What are three fun facts about you?


1. I almost won a car once, made it to the top 5 in Canada for the Nissan Innovation Challenge, and had to Dragon’s Den-style pitch my commercial idea on TV.

2. I have 2 dogs whom I love to take to the lake with me regularly.

3. I have a pair of seats from the old Winnipeg Arena, and my last hockey ticket from Jets 1.0.

Asking a patient to trust a massage therapist or any healthcare practitioner is bold. However, here at Elite we believe in our team members and unreservedly recommend them to any patient who could benefit from their services. We handpick the best physiotherapists and massage therapists for the sake of our patients.

Are you interested in receiving massage therapy from a therapist who has your best interest in mind and the skills to meet your needs? Do you need to consult with a physiotherapist about a health issue? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.




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