A Physiotherapist Can Help You FINALLY Find Success with Your Exercise Routine

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Finding success with an exercise routine is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it can feel impossible. Many people begin an exercise routine with the intention of getting stronger and (usually) losing weight, but end it disappointed in themselves for their lack of willpower. What these individuals need to know is that they are not to blame. It’s common to need a little outside help when starting an exercise routine. More often than not, a person will not be successful in this endeavor unless they have someone to help them reach their goals.

A Physiotherapist Can Help You Find Success with Your Exercise Routine

There are variety of individuals who can be a support to you as you begin your fitness journey. For example, friends can be great exercise buddies. They may not have health-related expertise, but sometimes their enthusiasm is enough to carry you through to success. However, if you want some serious support when starting an exercise program, consult a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who know exactly how to formulate a personalized exercise routine for you, and help you implement it. This often results in a stronger body, less pain, increased flexibility, and a healthier body weight.

How Does a Physiotherapist Design an Exercise Routine for a Patient?

Margaret Martin, physiotherapist, gave readers an inside look at how she helps patients reach their fitness goals when she wrote, “When I design an exercise routine for a client, I not only make sure that it addresses their specific need (for example, a bone building osteoporosis exercise program for people with low bone density), I need to make sure it is a program that they will stick with.” Formulating not just an effective exercise program, but one that a client can work into their day-to-day lives, is key to helping a patient find success.

What Type of Exercise Routine Will Patients Stick With?

While physiotherapists design exercise programs based on the needs and abilities of each patient, there are some characteristics that most programs have in common…


  • Convenience – It’s important that exercise routines are convenient and can be done at home, without fancy equipment. Many people don’t have access to a gym and wouldn’t go even if they did. An at-home routine is much more likely to be consistently followed.


  • Variety – Our bones and muscles like variety. They get bored doing the same exercises for weeks and weeks. Physiotherapists know this and periodically change one or more of the exercises in a patient’s routine so that he or she can reap the maximum benefits from their physiotherapy/exercise program.


  • Support – People are more likely to succeed in physiotherapist-led exercise programs than other types of programs. Why? Because physiotherapists are excellent motivators. Also, they make sure their patients have access to resources that remind them of the exercises they are to do at home. This helps patients understand the proper form of specific exercises, as well as the number sets and repetitions that will be most beneficial for them.


A physiotherapist can help you finally succeed in your exercise routine. Reach out to a physiotherapist today to learn more about how you can reach your fitness goals.




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