4 Easy Ways Men Can Improve Their Health

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It’s important that men take steps to improve their health. However, the reality is that most men do not and will not. Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, head of the International Society of Men’s Health, said, “Many [adult] men go to the doctor for the first time in their 40s — on a stretcher with a heart attack.” Statistically, 25 percent less men than women saw a doctor last year, are around 30 percent more likely to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure, and, shockingly, are doubly as likely as females to have an amputation due to diabetes, reported the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A Google search will reveal that there are dozens of statistics like these.

Why Do Men Neglect Their Health?

Many people are fully aware that men have a tendency to neglect their health. The question is why. Why don’t men make their health a priority? Many factors contribute to this issue. In her article Why Men Skip Doctor Visits, Miranda Hitti explained that most men say they feel fine and don’t see a need for taking preventative measures. Fear, a preference for natural treatments, and a lack of health insurance/finances can also be factors in a man’s negligence of his health.

4 Easy Ways Men Can Improve Their Health

Regardless of why men don’t care for their health, not doing so can be dangerous. If all men took the following 4 actions, diseases could be detected early on, illnesses could be averted, and lives could be saved:

1) Getting regular checkups – Did you know that 70 percent of a man’s health is controllable? Only 30 percent is dictated genetically. This is great news for the individual willing to get regular checkups.

2) Drinking alcohol – Most people don’t know that consuming alcoholic drinks in moderation (4-10 drinks a week) lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Conversely, consuming more than 10 drinks per week doubles it!

3) Sleeping – Sleeping 7-8 hours per night reduces the risk of fatal heart attack by about 60 percent.

4) Being moderately physically active – You might understand that exercising decreases your risk of heart attack. But, are you aware of how little physical activity you need to decrease this risk by 25 percent? Walking a mere 5 city blocks per day delivers this priceless benefit. Working with a physiotherapist is another great way to become more physically active.

Note: the statistics above were taken from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s blog.

For the average man, ensuring good health can be fairly easy. Getting regular checkups, drinking alcohol in moderation, sleeping, and being physically active can be the difference between exemplary health and illness. Share this post to let the men in your life know how simple it is to make their health a priority.

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